SAVORING STANTHORPE - March 2015.  Based in the tranquil surroundings of Sommerville Valley on the Storm King dam, this event had a little something for everyone.  Food, wine, bespoke beers, lavender farming,  a soaperie and even some truly pleasant motoring!


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A WEEKEND OF TWO PARTS:  Cruising the Ipswich region and the National Motoring Heritage Day - some driving and a cold radiator event.  For the cruisy part, organised by Greg Hill, we were joined by cars and crews from several other clubs and everyone enjoyed a great meal at the Royal Hotel in Harrisville.  Evening entertainment consists of repairs to Erik's T Ford under the carpark lights.   Serious period dress was worn on Sunday and was greatly appreciated by the public. 

FAIL TO PROCEED.  It happens to all of us...  flat tires, out of petrol, starter that won't - about par for the course.

QHMC PITTSWORTH RALLY (Queen's Birthday Weekend).   Information is a bit scarce, but it appears that certain VCCA(Q) members got themselves dolled up and put on a bit of show for the photographer.   

GATTON RALLY & GRANDCHESTER STEAMFEST.    Three days of touring the Gatton district followed by the Grandchester Steamfest, celebrating 150 years of steam railways in Queensland.  


NORTHERN RIVERS VVCC 55th ANNIVERSARY.    Balmy weather blessed our four days of delightful touring in the Lismore-Alstonville-Casino areas of nortern NSW.   Particpants came from  as far away as Coffs Harbour and Newcastle.


BOREEN POINT RALLY, September 2015.    The northern end of Queensland's Sunshine Coast is always worth a look, and it's even better if you're doing it in a veteran car!    Rally Kommondant Russell laid on an almost spur-of-the-moment event and Rhonda Guthrie has provided just enough pictures to make the rest of us envious...


2015 NATIONAL RALLY, Gouburn, NSW.    This year's National was organised by the ACT Club but headquartered just outside their patch at Goulburn, a town with plenty of history.  Cool days, good driving, magnificent scenery and lots of people made for a great success!  

Photos from Pam and Rhonda Guthrie.


READ ALL ABOUT IT!  A lively account of the event from the perspective of the Northern Territory.   CLICK HERE!

2015 VCCA (Victoria) COLAC RALLY, Colac, Victoria.    Hot on the heels of the National event our enthusiastic motorists travelled south to Victoria's Western District to investigate rumours of highly variable weather, friendly people, nice cars and sheds full of Good Stuff.  Rhonda Guthrie's pictorial report suggests that they found evidence to support the aforementioned scuttlebutt.