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National and Invitational Events

The events here are nationally organised events, with invitations extended to members of the VCCA(Q).  

International Rally - Tweed Valley, NSW

26th May to 1st June 2024

The event is open to pre -1916 vehicles.  If you don’t have an eligible veteran, you are welcome to come along and join in the camaraderie and help where necessary.
Accommodation listing and entry form available below.  

The payment process is separate, and is not required for you to fill in the entry form.  
For more information contact Rhonda Guthrie 0427 175 099

Entry Form

Newsletter No.1 for HCCA Rally

Newsletter No.2 for HCCA Rally

Newsletter No.3 for HCCA Rally

Newsletter No.4 for HCCA Rally

Newsletter No.5 for HCCA Rally

Newsletter No.6 for HCCA Rally

National Rally - Launceston, Tasmania

18th to 23rd November 2024

EOI Now open.
Email:; Ph. Ben 0404 917 366; Jill 0448 678 291

Newsletter No.1 for National Rally

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