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A slowly growing collection, mostly pictures of cars and what have you that will gladden the heart of any enthusiast.  Enjoy!

Services Directory.   A listing of products and services (mostly local) that may help you to restore and maintain your old cars.


HCCA Index.  This enables you to find articles and images contained in the many issues of the HCCA Gazette held in our Library.

Mysteries - can you bring enlightenment to all and sundry? 

This lady looks very happy.  Is it because she likes a good whipping?  Click the pic, look closely at the steering wheel...


A list of all cars in Queensland in 1923.  The adverts alone are worth a look.  Very slow to download, but your patience will be rewarded.  

No problem getting close up to the Maxwell on the left, but the crowd is somewhat wary about the car on the right.  Why?  It's a steamer!

First motor car - but where, and what is it? Driver is Dr. Bertram Will and his passenger is Bob Thompson. Mystery solved in part: thanks to Neale Lawson, a UK Star enthusiast, we now know (March 2017) that the car is a 1904 Little Star.

c. 1908 Darracq, thought be 60hp. A simply fabulous machine!

Here's a1914 Overland Model 79 with what appears to be quite a family? Any ideas who they are?

c. 1911. Cobb & Co's Talbot is ready to depart from Leonora for the journey to Lawlers, another mining town.

Come away with me, Lucille! How often do we see a picture with the top in this position? A 1903 Curved Dash Oldsmobile.

c. 1909 Darracq photographed at the Boulder Racecourse, probably in that year. The daughters are happy about Daddy's new wheels, but grandma and the dog aren't giving anything away.

The Darracq is still at the racecourse but now we see it with the top up.

Same splendid Darracq, now outside the racecourse. Owner and wife looking decidedly pleased with themselves - and why not?

Motoring enthusiasts gather in Hannan St., Kalgoorlie.

1904/6 "French Front" Model T Oldsmobile.

c.1909 Humber, probably photographed in Leonora.

The Mackay family and their new 1917 Chevrolet

Three boys and a T Ford - photo taken at Gwalia

Goldfields Treasure!  This little stash of pictures was unearthed in my files from years ago.  They were taken in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia, an area that is mostly unforgiving scrub and desert and is still mined today for gold and other minerals.

The Peugeot Bebe. 

Hudson was hardly a legend in the luxury market, but these pics - and the snow car at the top of the page - show that the 1917 Super Six Limousine was nonetheless a very pleasant conveyance for the upwardly mobile.

Here's a 1910 Sunbeam 12-16 H.P. Landaulette.  It was priced at 470 pounds, but you also had to fork out for the lighting equipment of your choice.

1910 Sunbeam Landaulette

At the other end of the styling scale, and just a year or so later, this picture shows what is believed to be the prototype for Sunbeam's "Sporting Model", introduced in 1911 for the 1912 season.


Total production of these cars was about 3,500.  They were built only in 1912 and 1913 before being abandoned in favour of what was to become one of the best-known marques in the automotive world.


If you can identify this cute little roadster, why not check your answer with the Webmaster.  VCCA(Q) members: you already know the car and crew, so don't bother!

The car that causes confusion!   An American FIAT, probably the 4-cyl. Type 55 or 6-cyl. Type 56. These were manufactured in Poughkeepsie, New York, in the 1912-1918 period.  

1911 BRUSH - the proverbial barn find with known history from the original date of purchase, now in Brisbane.  Mr. D. has every reason to be happy with this baby.



1911 Brush, SuttonBeach, Queensland

"Charlotte", as the Brush is now known, enjoyed her first public outing in many years, joining other cars at Suttons Beach (north of Brisbane).  In this picture she's hanging out with an early '20s Stoewer - another barn find - plus an Austin Freeway and an Alvis Firefly.  Nice mixture!

1911 FLANDERS - unloading the "new" baby in the Bundaberg backyard of a well-known Club identity.  No details available yet, but If you're into chaos and confusion try reading up on Everitt, Metzger, Flanders, Studebaker, E-M-F, Flanders Six and the Flanders Electric. 


1910 MAXWELL Q - another veteran arrives, this time from Oregon in the USA.   Four cylinders, 22hp, 93" wheelbase.  According to my books the price new was $1,000   


Also known as the Uphill Walking Tour, the London to Brighton this year - 2017 - saw the Sorenson Locomobile participating once again.


We cannot afford to ignore today's rapid advances in technology.  Until now those unwanted arrows cluttered everyone's car, quite often becoming confused with important and necessary arrows.  Drivers and passengers alike will experience improved vision and those irritating pricking sensations will disappear.

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