PAST MEMBERS MEMORIAL BREAKFAST, Suttons Beach, Redlcliffe.  A nice way to take a moment to remember friends who are no longer with us.  It was a touch breezy on the foreshore and we had to resort to creative ways of enjoying the BBQ.

Syd Norman's 1910 Maxwell has lost something - the bonnet (hood, if you like). Where is it?

Bonnet found, but what's going on?

It makes the perfect windbreak for a seaside BBQ!

Vintage variety - Fiat 519, Rolls-Royce 20/25, Hudson Super Six and Vauxhall 14/40

1910 Brush is admired by all.

Kevin Long's Talbot 105

More variety - 1910 Buick, Talbot 105 and Austin Seven.

The large Hudson also doubles as a windbreak for the masses!

Peter Arnold's 1910 Buick

Peter Arnold's 1910 Buick. All the girls think it's cute...

Event organiser Russell Massey speaks to the multitude.

IPSWICH VETERAN & VINTAGE RALLY, March 2014.  Notionally restricted to pre-1931 vehicles, this event was organised by Greg Hill as a pipe-opener for the Ipswich Club's 40th Anniversary Rally.  It turned out to be a great multi-club affair.

Rally organisers Irene & Greg Hill - very original T Ford, very appropriate summer outfits!

Maxwell Tourer, Renault AX Colonial

Morning tea at Peak Crossing. The three-eyed 1916 Studebaker is a replica of a local (Queensland) record-breaker. The ritzy 1905 De Dion Bouton doesn't want to know...

Hupmobile, Alldays & Onions

Alvis 12/50

Don't like the look of the left wheel...

Here's why!

Brush at rest

Looking back

Here's how it's done - light-up time in Ipswich

A beautiful mellow light...

1914 Waverley

IPSWICH VETERAN AND VINTAGE VEHICLE CLUB 40th ANNIVERSARY RALLY, March 15-16, 2014.   All historic cars (a term used rather loosely these days) were invited to a 2-day event to celebrate the IVVVC 40th.

Renault AX

From right: Fiat 501, Renault AX, Wolseley-Siddeley 12/16

British light cars (cyclecars?) - Swift and Humberette

1910 Maxwell piloted by Syd the Unstoppable

1914 Humberette

Renault AX

De Dion Bouton Shooting Brake

Irene dressed for a day's veteran motoring in the T Ford

Mr. D has created a new line in gent's motoring headware.

Eric applies the early morning spit and polish

And of course the Ford T runabout is an eye-catcher

NATIONAL 1 & 2 CYLINDER RALLY, ROBE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA.  May 2014.   A wonderful diversity of "smaller" veteran cars turned out from all over Australia.  Photos courtesy of Rhonda Guthire.

1907 Clement Bayard


Impressive Darracq presence

Gavin Mutton's 1913 Swift

Reo (Andrew and Christine Gauld, Mackay, QLD)

Banana-benders enjoying lunch

1899 Peugeot (Noel and Sue Holbrook, Victoria)

1899 Peugeot engine

John Handley's 1909 Darracq

1903 Thomas (Russell and Christine Holden, NSW)

1908 Reo (Peter and Jill Hawkins, Tasmania)

Pair of Reo cuties

John and Alison Day - Oldsmobile

Brian Hussey (Victoria) came with the 1909 De Dion Bouton

TOOGOOLAWAH RALLY, MAY 2014.  Lots of driving, excellent scenery, visiting an old folks' home and a great movie at the local picture house (Queensland style) made this the sort of event that typifies the way we enjoy our cars and bring pleasure to others.

Photos courtesy of Greg Hill and Rhonda Guthrie.

Mouse over the large image to see a caption.  Click on the large image for an even bigger picture.  Is there no end to the fun we're having?


1910 De Dion Bouton

Some not-so-mobile folk enjoying our visit to their residence.

Contemplating the Rally Organiser's 1913 A Type Vauxhall

Waiting for the movies to start at the Alexandra Hall, Toogoolawah

This is how you tackle a hot dog, apparently...

A coded message

Somerset Dam

1915 Buick and Renault AX

T Ford Troubles

.... serious troubles!

Morning tea halt, Somerset Dam

Standard, Little and Buick at Somerset dam

This pretty Talbot has quite a story, but this is not the place for it to be told. Sorry.

Talbot, Renault and T Ford at Somerset Dam

GETTING THERE IS HALF THE FUN!  Gavin Pocock and Don Hill plan to drive their 1915 Ford T Models some 3,850km from Scarborough Beach in South East Queensland to Scarborough Beach in Western Australia, completing the trip in time to zip back to Kalgoorlie  for this year's National Veteran Rally.

Our picture illustrates the state of play with Gavin's engine as at late June 2014.

With such journeys a "wetting the wheels" ceremony is de rigeur.  On the eastern seaboard tires and tide met on September 25.  Eagle eyes noticed that the replica Telescopic Camping Body was a shade heavy for the springs, so a stiffer set was fitted prior to actual departure on 26 September.

NATIONAL VETERAN RALLY - KALGOORLIE-BOULDER, Western Australia.  The old mining towns of Kalgoorlie and Boulder, situated in WA's Eastern Goldfields, made a fascinating setting for this year's National.  The vast majority of the images here are of cars based in WA - a fabulous diversity, including a number of limousines and of course Sampson, the mighty Napier racer.




Darracq - front

Darracq - rear





Napier racer Sampson


Kalgoorlie Kulture


Thirsty motorists at the Ora Banda pub.

Road train dwarfs Buick

Goldfields fashion

BURDEKIN RALLY, TROPICAL NORTH QUEENSLAND.  The Burdekin District is centred on Ayr in North Queensland, located on the BUrdekin River.   A long way from home for most of us, but when it's cool down south it's balmy up north and a brief migration is a good idea.  Our members up there are always keen to put on a good show and this time they excelled - where else would you see a diminbutive '03 Crestmobile and a monster Marshall tractor keeping company?

1911 Marshall Tractor - Tom Callow

Down by the riverside...

MON REPOS/BUNDABERG RALLY  -  November/December 2014.


This one had it all - a drive-in movie night, Christmas parade, hot weather, storms and rain, a large number of participants and a lovely camping area all to ourselves.


The pictures in the gallery below were contributed by a number of those who were involved in the rally - thanks to all.  Click on most pics for a larger image and a little information.

Rally HQ and Terry's Waverley

Rally organisers (from left)- Regie, John and Terry

Students learning about veteran cars at Bargara State school

Alldays & Onions at the Rail Museum

Chris brought the Stanley out to play

Rustic halt with a vintage Buick

Hanging out at the Bundaberg Rum distillery

Early De Dion Bouton - all class!

Chris fettles the De Dion

Dodge leads a Wolseley-Siddeley and a Maxwell through Bargara

Pukka Humberette crew

Another diminutive De Dion Bouton

Enjoying a sundowner on the beachfront at Mon Repos

The best of British for tropical motoring - 1910 Armstrong-Whitworth

Set for the Christmas Parade - from right: De Dion Bouton, Saxon, Wolseley-Siddeley, Sunbeam

Party frocks on, ready for the parade - Maxwell, Ford, etc.


This day started with a cloudburst before we left the carpark!

Time for a chat before the movies

And that's it for 2014.   Thanks again to those who provided the images you've seen here.