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CLUBROOMS 25th ANNIVERSARY.    To mark the 25th anniversary of the opening of the clubrooms we invited all our tenant clubs and a number of other entities to join us for a display of our respective cars and bikes.  And of course a bite to eat!  The turnout was fantastic and th eproverbial good time was had by all!    Images from Wolf Grod, Brian McMillan and Peter Ransom.
Click on any picture for the real thing.  Go on, do it!
VCCA(Q) TEMORA and VCCA(V) RACV 1& 2 RALLY, BRIGHT, VICTORIA    Quite a contingent of VCCA(Q) cars and crews headed for Bright this year.  To add to the  excitement a 4-day stopover in and around Temora, NSW, became part of the forward journey.   Rhonda Guthrie provided all the pics below.  Many thanks!  The grid only shows 10 but there are many more.  Click on any image to see the lot.  And have a look at Holty's pics.  
COUNTY TO COAST, 3-11 May 2019.    Commencing inland at Biggenden and making its way to Howard on the coast, this was another touring event enjoyed by all.   Pictures in the gallery below are from Greg Hill - thank you!
ESK WEEKEND, July 2019.    Loitering in this part of the world in an old car can be very pleasant, as the pictures convey.   Images from the camera of Rhonda Guthrie.