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VCCA (NSW) Yamba 1&2  Rally.    Once again the mysterious Holty has produced a fabulous album of images for your enjoyment.  There are a couple of his shots below but you can see the lot  HERE.   His coverage of our 2016 all comers Yamba event is also worth a look.  Our appreciation and sincere thanks to Holty!

More pictures, this time from Rhonda Guthrie

BURNETT REGION RALLIES - May 2018.      The Goomeri Pumpkin Festival is widely regarded as the absolute zenith - the ne plus ultra - of Queensland's cutural calendar.   In recognition of its pre-eminence we managed to organise two rallies that wandered the district's roads before eventually coalescing to add something new to the aforementioned Festival.   As luck would have it both Greg Hill and Pam Guthrie kept photographic records.

VINTAGE CAR CLUB OF QUEENSLAND'S  ANNUAL CONCOURS - June 2018.      Once again lots of wonderful cars and  happy enthusiasts graced the historic Ormiston House precinct.   The veteran cars on display added the right layer of motoring history, nicely offset against the vintage, PVT and occasional post-war cars.  Photography by Brian Carson.

OLD WHITEY:   BRISBANE-TOOWOOMBA RECORD RUN RE-ENACTMENT, 5 July 2018.  Old Whitey is the legendary 1912 Overland car used by Fred Eager exactly 100 years ago to set a new record time for the Brisbane-Toowoomba journey.  Today Graeme Crittenden, with son Paul driving,  carried out a wonderful re-enactment of that feat in the same car, now 106 years old.   Well done to the entire team that made this happen!   Thanks to Brian McMillan, Wolf Grodd, Pam Guthrie and Rhonda Guthrie for the images.

You can see more pictures and a short video on the Royal Historical Socety of Queensland web site.

 AROUND THE WORLD IN A T FORD!!  Dirk Regter and Trudy Roorda completed their Australasian odyssey at the VCCA(Q) clubrooms on 21 July 2018. To understand what their journeys are all about, to see vast numbers of photos and to read the travelogue you simply must visit their website.  Photos of the final day from Pam Guthrie.