DRIVING DALBY, hosted by Wally and Bev Lanagan,  was the first of our big program of events for 2016.  With mainly flat roads and not too much traffic, the Darling Downs is a vast area of Queensland that offers much for the veteran motorist.  The excellent photos from Greg Hill and Rhonda Guthrie say it all!  

The Wright Buick is flagged away by the local Mayor.

A little Buick and a bigger LIttle

1910 Renault AX

1911 Renault AX from Far North Queensland

Good rubber for a shanghai?

VCCA(Q) Inflatable Technology Group at work.

Your photographer is riding in an Austin

Schoolkids learning about our cars

A halt at the Jimbour War Memorial Hall. There are halls like this all over Australia.

This is why we have running boards. But what of the Renault 750's crew? Sit on the ground, I suppose.

Ladies playing dress-ups, sparking a new wave of business for milliners and the like.

Irene, Greg, Kathy and the T Ford.

That green machine is a cotton harvester. The little red cars are Renaults, as you know.

Cars in cotton country. If you look closely you can just about see the curvature of the earth behind the vehicles.

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside, but a decent dam or lake will do. Is this a first in period dress in veteran motoring? Those daring swimsuits are showing a lot of leg and ankle!

A trio of Buicks - 1916, 1915 and 1910

Time for a break in the tranquil surroundings of Jimbour House.

A touch of elegance...

Built in the spirit of the Fiat S76, Nev Morris' monster is a genuine auntie-frightener! Robert Lovell is wondering whether that engine would fit in his De Dion.

Everyone's standing well back. The engine's running - look at the fan - and the noise must be alarming!

A nice way to end the day...

Postscript:  Wally and Bev sent some pics of this year's cotton crop!

NATIONAL 1 and 2 CYLINDER RALLY.   Traralgon, Victoria.   Some very interesting cars came out to play and many found themsleves captured by Rhonda Guthrie's camera.  

Early Morgan

1904 Ford Model C



Detroit Electric from the '20s - last of this company's production was in 1939

Detroit Electric

Mystery Midnight Mission

Renault, De Dion Bouton and Maxwell

Queensland contingent




The 1912 De Dion Bouton driven by Kidby & Brown in the 2005 re-enactment of the original Peking to Paris race.

Curved Dash Oldsmobile

A touch of class!


1911 IHC high-wheeler

The Delage conducteur appears to taking the noonday nap...

Display Day

Cadillac - so pretty!

Look at the subtle colours.

Coal scuttles everywhere!


Sizaire-Naudin (left) and Schacht buggy

YAMBA HUB TOUR, Yamba, NSW.   Nothing wrong with slipping across the border into New South Wales to  enjoy their quiet roads and waterways!  Rhonda and Ross Guthrie's team gave us a week of truly relaxed veteran motoring and socialising.  Photos from Rhonda Guthrie and Peter Ransom.

Click this picture to open up a gallery

The Clarence River at Yamba, NSW

Morning Assembly at the Yamba Bowls Club

Typical Yamba sunset. Count the pelicans and seagulls - I make it 2 and 7.

The Clarence River at Yamba, NSW


Here's a major bonus!  We all saw the somewhat hirsuit photographer who appeared all over our rally routes.  His name is Holty and he's put up a very large collection of pictures of our cars.  To see them all you have to do is CLICK HERE!

MACKAY, Queensland.  A regional city lacking for nothing and supporting an amazing diversity of industries. We spent six days exploring the district and out 40+ cars made quite an impact locally.  Russell and Susan Nieass orchestrated the whole affair!   Pix by Peter Ransom, Greg Hill and Rhonda Guthrie.

Very British - Vauxhall, Star, de Havilland at the Mackay Tiger Moth Museum. This is where our week began.

Morning Assembly. 40-odd veterans looked pretty smart!

Other end of the line!

The EMF and Team Hackshall ready for the off.

Team Hackshall refuelling

Organiser and Chef Russell.

Another beautifully turned out Renault - 1910 this time.

Getting your swimmers on in 1910 was quite a performance...

Our hosts added a new phrase to the old motoring lexicon: unmade surfaces are now referred to as "vintage road base". Perfect!

Tranquil surroundings at The Old Station.

Is this a World Record for period bathing costumes at an old car event?

Vibrant green Maxwell from Townsville.

Standard and Dodge Brothers

The EMF is sporting a new style of footwear

Searching for small bits in the grass!

Finding a quiet spot by the waters of Kinchant Dam.

The Caddy's travels were a bit constrained but even at rest it looks just right.

At rest on the Mackay Breakwater after enduring 5,000 speed bumps to get there...

David and Helen - so very swish!

Darracq and Sunbeam outside Rosewood House

The pretty and delicate 1901 Crestmobile joined us at Greenmount

The mesdames in their finery outside the historic Greenmount Homestead

A close-up for those wishing to admire the detail of these lovely outfits.

The rally relaxes under the trees at Greenmount

The '08 Cadillac pulled a very inquisitive crowd at Greenmount.

Morning tea halt on the last day.

Is Glynn telling a fishy story?

A Maxwell made for meandering....

AYR - HOME HILL, Queensland.  The Burdekin is one of Australia's most productive sugar-producing regions, due in no small part to the availability of water from the aquifer beneath that rich black soil.  Dave and Fay Martin's team looked after us in style!   Images from Peter Ransom and Rhonda Guthrie.

Tour Directors are flagged off by the mayor

Ayr identities receiving instruction from the Mayor

1935 Twelfth Series 7-passenger Packard Super Eight. Not a veteran, but a magnificent machine!

Tinnie with camouflage paint job to fool the crocs...

The usual suspects ready for lunch at the Vietnam Veterans' Retreat

Brassy babes in the bush

A truckload of honeydew melons arrives at the packing shed.

The scrutineers watch as the rejects go by to an uncertain destiny...

They're still burning cane in the Burdekin

It looks like the brothers Day are playing Pokemon

Ignore this warning at your peril

A lovely spot but home to numerous crocodiles

Pioneer Mill rep explains the sugar milling processes.

Jennie models the latest in ladies' wet weather outerwear.

The reluctant Marshall tractor: wouldn't start for the audience!

Heading home and the rains are coming

Traffic delayed by floodwaters

SIXTIETH ANNIVERSARY LUNCHEON.   This year's annual dinner at the Clubrooms turned out to be a lunch gathering at the Carina Leagues Club - a nice change of pace!    Rather than a string of presentations and prizes the main focus was on hearing some of our members reminsce about days gone by and tell a few yarns.       Images from Rhonda Guthrie.

Treasurer Hazel extolls the wonders of the raffle prizes to Allan and Dianne Lyons.

Chriis and Jenny Sorenson joined us from points north.

President Bob Burley with Past President Bruce Wright

Phil Fletcher discusses the Kern Rallies, so instrumental in the funding of our Clubrooms.

Graham Crittenden remembers his first veteran car, purchased before he had a driver's licence.

Peter Arnold spoke about the Club's history.

Much was made of the fact the Alan Robinson and his AX Renault have a combined age of 200 years1

A man's first car rego form is a rite of passage. Grahame Wilkinson still has his!

STANTHORPE, Queensland.  This district is known as the Granite Belt for reasons that become obvious when you visit.   Many of our events have been based here, and why not?  Great touring roads, lots of wine- and food-oriented destinations and all sorts of other attractions.  Images from Greg Hill.

STANTHORPE, Queensland.  This district is known as the Granite Belt for reasons that become obvious when you visit.   Many of our events have been based here, and why not?  Great touring roads, lots of wine- and food-oriented destinations and all sorts of other attractions.  Images from Greg Hill.

The Alldays & Onions in hot pursuit!

On the road again, travelin' with my friends..

A hot drink with some apple pie always works well in Stanthorpe

Sampling more of the Granite Belt's great tucker

Equipe Hackshall

You can see why it's called the Granite Belt...

Same same...

Stanthorpe's bright sunlight has bleached the colour out of everything!

1910 Star

Prez supervises Brush adjustments


Natty period motoring attire

Ford technology on view.

Napier and Waverley foremost

1912 Austin, a NSW visitor.

Not quite veteran in terms of date of manufacture, but the 1921 R-R Silver Ghost has seriously Edwardian heritage. Also from NSW.

1921 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

Alldays & Onions, Ford, de Dion et al

Oi! Get you hands off my brasswork!


BARRY DOWTON was a truckie, a high-wheeler man and a real character.   We saw him off in style, riding in "Nevertire" with Vicki at the wheel.

NATIONAL VETERAN CAR RALLY - Ulverstone, Tasmania.   The north coast of Tassie has something for  everyone and our cars provided the locals  with a special look at the world of early motoring. 

NATIONAL VETERAN CAR RALLY - Ulverstone, Tasmania.   The north coast of Tassie has something for  everyone and our cars provided the locals  with a special look at the world of early motoring. 

VIDEO-VIDEO-VIDEO:  See a cleverly edited video portraying one day of the Ulverstone event, complete with a Gaslight Parade.  Click HERE