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Rear Ends - always an interesting study...

Finding decent photos of the rear end of veteran cars is a frustrating business. The front end was dripping with brass or nickel and a frontal image is far more impressive in a catalogue or family album. But the restorer has to get everything right and so a picture of the rear of a car is GOLD! It reveals the springing arrangement, style of fuel tank (sometimes), bodywork details and lots of other stuff that is usually hidden.


Most of the cars on these pages were photographed in recent times and generally in Australia, but the occasional pearl from the veteran era will turn up as will photos from other countries. The collection will grow with time and I'll try to keep them in chronological order so that the evolution of our cars can be seen from behind! Well-documented marques such as Ford are intentionally not given much air time, since there are far better reference sites available. We're more interested in the makes that you don't encounter very often. Please be aware that each photo is presented without any suggestion that what you see is "100% correct" for the vehicle in question.

1903 Grout

The majority of our photos have been contributed by VCCA(Q) members. Some images have been "borrowed" from other Internet sites and if you would like one of our images just contact the web poobah (Contacts page). Sharing of knowledge was the orginal intent of the Internet and we encourage everyone to participate in the broadening of the old car knowledge base.

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