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As is only right and proper, the site administrator has his own page for sharing a few pictures of cars that he likes.  You'll notice his penchant for Sunbeams and Hudsons, poor fool, but other makes will get the occasional look in.

Sunbeam 12-16 H.P. in Sporting Guise

Louis Coatalen (pictured) was Sunbeam's Chief Engineer and didn't mind building the odd go-faster machine.  A few years after this picture was taken the Board would not allow him to race, but in 1910 this was one of the racers in which he competed with considerable success - a 2.4 litre Sunbeam 12-16 H.P.  Click on the engine pictures below - the detail is fantastic!

The Sunbeam illustrated at right is thought to be the prototype for the little-known 12-16 H.P. "Sporting Model" that was announced for the 1912 season.  A somewhat modified version of its new 3-litre engine powered the team of Sunbeam racers that finished 1,2,3 and 5 in the 1912 Coupe de l'Auto, establishing Sunbeam as a new motoring force.


The image below shows a 1913 Sporting Model at the Sons of Gwalia gold mine in Western Australia..

1909 Alco Racer


A two-time winner of the Vanderbilt Cup and known as Bete Noir (Black Beast), this is a wonderful reminder motoring's roaring days.  As a commercial car manufacturer Alco was hopeless but forget that and look at this and other monsters.   See what Hemmings has to say

1913 Hudson 6-54 Raceabout

1913 Hudson 6-54 Raceabout

You couldn't buy one of these from the factory, but you could purchase a complete chassis and have your coachbuilder execute your design.  I don't think that's what happened here, but the car we see today looks like serious fun!  The 6-54 engine is notable in two ways: it was Hudson's first six, designed in-house but manufactured by Continental, and was their largest engine ever - 421ci or 6.9 litres, so this thing no doubt flies.  Stopping may be another matter altogether...

1913 Pierce-Arrow Model 66

At 13.6 litres the Model 66's engine is reputedly the largest of its era.   The wheelbase was 147.5", factory price for this 7-pass. Tourer was $6000.   Today - who knows?

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